The Serve Series

I read the first 6 books March-June of last year, but just got to the last book today. Let me just say I freaking love this series. Each book is a different couple, but most of them are connected, and are written by 4 authors (the continuity is kind of crazy given that fact). I would absolutely recommend this whole series.

My favorites in order are:

  1. Owned by Fate (1) because Caroline and Jonah are just so fucking hot together. It was a great start to the series.
  2. Driven by Fate (5) because British men have always been a weakness for me. It must be something about their manners and accents.
  3. Exposed by Fate (2) because I’ve always had the best friend’s brother fantasy (despite never having a best friend whose brother I was attracted to).
  4. Mistaken by Fate (3) because there was just so much chemistry and the old flame story is always a good one in my book.
  5. Rules of Seduction (7) because Nolan is super sexy, genuinely cares about taking care of Ava’s needs (BDSM-related and not), and I can also totally empathize with Ava’s struggle to maintain her individual self while exploring her kink desires.
  6. Protecting Fate (6) because I really loved Z and Sarah (they are hot together), but the way they handle the secondary conflict in the story (the other shoe, so to speak) turned me off. I just felt like they were being a little stupid… which is never a good thing.
  7. Betting on Fate (4): I loved Will. Penelope… not so much. But the idea of a Dom and a Switch (who leans Domme) was interesting to read.
  8. Bind Me Before You Go (8) is my least favorite one because there isn’t a true Dominant and submissive relationship here. It’s very intense, but it didn’t hit the buttons I was hoping it would.

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