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I’ve been reading a lot about tasks for submissives, and I honestly can’t wait to do a lot of them. I’ll also highly recommend the Loving BDSM podcast on the topic (and just in general—I binged 16 episodes today). Submissives: What are your favorite tasks to do? Dominants: What are your favorite tasks to give?

6 thoughts on “Tasks for Submissives

  1. There are certain tasks that Kayla does for me that I like; she makes me coffee in the evening which I look forward to. After dinner she makes me my dessert also. She also is tasked with setting up the coffee maker for me in the morning so it is ready for me.
    Those are a few of the tasks she does for me but as a submissive she serves me in other ways.
    While this is not a set task she does check on me while I am working in my wood shop to see if there is anything I need and if it is hot she will make sure I have something to drink like Gatorade so I don’t get dehydrated.

  2. Panda Daddy and I are still LDR for the moment because life, so I don’t have a ton of things that I can do *directly* for him on a day to day basis. The most major thing that I do on a daily basis is a yoga/kegels/stretching routine that mixes submissive positions with yoga…and I love it. I also send him a picture kneeling every day when I am done with that.
    Other than that, he will give me tasks on a one off basis. Things he might assign me on any given day are masturbation with a video or audio recording and specific instructions of how, specific pictures, looking for images or memes on a theme to share, or writing a story for him about something I’d like to do sexually. He also has basic expectations about my self care that he holds me to, as well as reasonable expectations of me working to fulfill my daily to do list, which he helps me organize week by week.
    Essentially for us it’s very much about being connected despite the miles, taking care of each other emotionally, and making sure I am good about taking care of myself (it’s been a rough year). ❤️
    I’m typing on mobile so please forgive any typos!

    1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! Did you find your yoga routine online and if so, would you mind sharing a link? And do you have an app that lets him see you completing tasks or do you just tell him? Sorry for all the questions!

  3. Blimey where the flip do I start on tasks!
    First up I should say that We/I are not a ‘normal’ D/s couple, we are a Poly household and I live with 3 other sub woman and our Dom , my husband! We all have are own little tasks that are daily/weekly . My ones are waking the Boss man up with a cup of coffee and a blow job. I am in charge of his Wardrobe. This means that I wash, iron and keep them looking pristine at all times. I lay his clothes out the night before , help him dress in the morning , and in dress him at night. All of us (if home) Meet him at the front door in the evening, kneeling and eyes down or if we have polite company just with a kiss on the cheek. I am also in charge of giving the girls jobs round the house and making sure they do them right, if there not I get my butt kicked. Those are the one written down in my contract with the Boss man. (Oh how I love my contract, all 14 pages of it)
    Every morning I get a daily chore list. This has things like Spelling practice, Edging and postion practice and My mindfulness tasks!
    We also sit down 3 months and think of some things I want to work on over the next 3 months. This ranges from learn a new skill (Learning italain) to losing weight or improving at the gym to blogging everday!
    The boss man also has daily task as well. He give me a foot rub every night, reading us a bedtime story and house keeping showers!
    Hope that helps!
    Pixie, x

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