The Lifeguard

She has always had a love-hate relationship with summer. The season meant freedom from work, but the weather often was too hot to enjoy. When it was really hot and she was too stir crazy to stay inside with the air conditioner, she’d go to the beach.

Today was one of those days. She wore her favorite red bikini. It was by no means the sexiest suit being sold that summer, but it made her feel super sexy. And, if she was being honest, she also wore it because the hot lifeguard had complimented her on it the first time she’d worn it and had made his interest clear the other times she’d worn it by not taking his eyes off her as she swam or sunbathed. When she arrived, she set up her towel and blanket in the open spot near his station. Normally, it was filled and she wondered if he had saved it for her.

She looked up, expecting to see him, but it was a female lifeguard she hadn’t seen before. She tried to ignore the twinge of disappointment and started walking toward the water. She was waist-deep when she felt something squeeze her thigh. She turned around and saw the lifeguard standing behind her. He winked. She smiled, but still said, “Don’t sneak up on me, you scared me!”

“Sorry,” he replied. He didn’t sound it at all.

“Are you off duty today?”

“Yes. I’m moving away tomorrow and I wanted to enjoy my last day here on my own time.”

“Where are you going?”

“Back home. Anyway, I just wanted to say I’ll miss seeing you. You do look very enticing in that bikini.”

“Thank you.”

He leaned closer. “It’s a shame I never got to see what’s under it.” She felt a sudden need throb between her legs and clenched her thighs tighter together. He didn’t seem to notice, and walked away.

She watched his retreating back and decided a swim would help her cool off. She dove under the water and started swimming. She pushed herself farther than usual, but stopped just short of leaving the safe distance from shore. She began to tread water. Watching the beach and people. Maybe the next lifeguard would be just as enticing. Or maybe she’d switch to a pool next summer. She was still debating between the two options when she felt something cold and slimy wrap around her thigh and squeeze. She tried to kick it off, but it only tightened around her. It wasn’t a playful one like the lifeguard had given her. No, it was possessive and almost hungry. The next thing she knew, her other thigh was wrapped by another slimy appendage and she realized she was being held captive by a tentacled sea creature. The idea made her wet. She’d always been a fan of tentacle porn online, but for it to actually happen to her? It made her aroused and panicked in equal measure.

As if sensing her rising anxiety, the tentacles pulled her deeper so only her head was above the water and another tentacled held her wrists behind her back. Two more untied her bikini top and began fondling her breasts. She tried to deny how good it felt, but soon she found herself overwhelmed by the pleasure. Then a tentacle pulled her bottoms down and promptely pushed between her thighs, sliding over her wet slit and started flicking and sucking her clit until she was on the verge of cumming. The tentacle moved away for a moment, leaving her frustrated.

That’s when another tentacle began teasing her ass, slowly pressing into it until it was inside, filling her. Just when that was all she thought she could take, she saw another tentacle reach up and stroke her lower lip before entering her mouth. She was now completely filled except where she needed it most. She moaned in pleasure and frustration as the tentacles continued stimulating her. Then, right as she was focusing on the tentacle in her ass and the one on her clit, one finally thrust into her aching pussy.

It started thrusting in and out in tandem with the one in her ass, both pushing into the one on her clit. Time stretched as she became a slave to their ministrations. Then, the one inside her pussy began to pulse and expand. She felt the one in her ass and then the one in her mouth grow larger, too. All at once, she felt them begin to ejaculate. And as amazing as it felt, it made her start to panic. Could she get pregnant? Probably too late to worry about that.

And then they started fucking her anew a renewed vigor until she came screaming on the tentacles. The tentacles began to gently release her. One wrapped around her waist and pushed her back to standing shallows. She trembled and shakily made her way back to her towel and lay down, trying to overcome the spasms that still wracked her body.

She must have fallen asleep because she woke up with the lifeguard standing over her and smiling. “How was your swim?”

She blinked up at him. “Um…good. Thank you.”

He smiled. “Perhaps you’ll come again.”

“But won’t you be gone?”

“I may have an excuse to stop by now and then.” He crouched down. “I would love a repeat of our underwater activities.”

She stared at him. “You—?”

He whispered, “You enjoyed it, didn’t you? I bet you’re already imagining us doing it again. Don’t lie and say you’re not.”

“I am,” she admitted softly.

He kissed her. “Good girl. I’ll see you again soon.”

Update: this story was included in the Top 3 Roundup for Week 156! Thank you, John Brownstone!

A newcomer to Masturbation Monday, and ChinaDoll320 did it with a splash. While  The Lifeguard​ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is one of a genre that I have enjoyed for many years now. The concept of the story kept me reading and even at the end I was left wanting more. I enjoyed the setting of the tale and living somewhere beaches are prevalent it made me want to check out the action on the beach a bit more and see what is going on there. The ending was a very unexpected surprise and that tickled me in all the right places as well. 

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11 thoughts on “The Lifeguard

  1. Hot story, and I didn’t see the twist coming at the end!
    I occasionally enjoy the odd bit of tentacle porn too – it’s just so damn freaky isn’t it?

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! And yes. Very freaky 🙂 I had replied immediately to this comment, but apparently cyberspace ate it and I just noticed. Oops.

    1. Yup! John Brownstone pulled my leg and bribed me with photos after photos of tentacle porn. Glad you liked it! I kind of wish I had the Ruby Glow to help me along as I write more of these.

    1. Thank you! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m so glad you liked it. I know I had a lot of fun writing it.

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