Class Is In Session

School didn’t start for another day, but Helena found herself waiting outside her advisor’s office on Labor Day. She wore her usual outfit of a plaid, pleated skirt and white blouse. Now, she wondered if she should have dressed more conservatively. She had always had a small crush on her advisor, and it seemed to grow as she got older. When he had taught her last semester, she spent almost as much time fantasizing about him as she did on her homework.

The door suddenly opened and she found herself face to face with the man who expanded her mind by day and starred in her dreams. He turned to let her pass. “Helena, please come in.”

She walked into his office and sat in the chair in the corner and placed her bag on the floor. When she looked up, he was watching her. He closed the door and walked to his own seat behind the desk. He interlaced his fingers and leaned forward.  “Do you know why I called you in here?”

She shook her head. “I’m not sure, sir. You didn’t say in your email.”

He turned his computer monitor toward her and she sucked in a breath. On the screen was her secret Tumblr account, filled with black and white images and gifs of her darkest desire: to be completely dominated by a man. She stared, unable to take her eyes away until her advisor said, “Do you think it is polite to be online during class?”

His tone made her eyes snap to his. “No—no, sir.”

He stood up and came closer to her until he stood in front of her. “Your parents pay a lot of money for you to get your education. Do you think a good daughter would be wasting their investment? Especially when you want to study abroad this year. You should have been paying extra attention last semester so you would qualify.”

Again, she replied, “No, sir.” When he didn’t say anything, she asked, “Am I expelled, sir?”

“No. But you must be punished for your disrespect.”

She cast her eyes downward and tried to ignore how those words, especially said by him, made her throb between her thighs. “Stand up,” he said.

She did.

He grabbed her by the arm and moved her in front of the desk, then pushed between her shoulder blades until she was completely bent over the wooden surface.

She felt his hand stroke down her spine and couldn’t suppress the shudder that wracked her body. The hand stayed on the small of her back, pinning her down with surprising strength. Then he flipped her skirt up and landed a hard smack on her left cheek. Before she could react, another blow landed on her other cheek. Two more followed on each side, then he kicked her legs apart and grabbed her between her thighs.

She started to tremble. “Sir—”

“Hush.” His fingers pulled her panties to the side and slid between her lips before reaching her clit. She let out a low moan which quickly turned to a yelp when he slapped her sensitive nub. “We’re just getting started, Helena. I won’t stop until I’m satisfied.” He slapped her there again, making her stand on her tip toes.

She lost count of how many blows he landed on her. Or how long the spanking took, but she became acutely aware when she felt his erection pressing behind her.

“You did well, Helena.” He spoke right next to her ear as he leaned over her. “You took your punishment, and now I will reward you.”

She heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down.

When he finished, he pulled her to standing and smoothed her skirt down. He kissed her deeply, pocketed her torn panties, and patted her sore bottom. “You pleased me greatly. But don’t let me catch you misbehaving again.”

She took a deep breath. “Yes, sir.”

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    1. Thank you! I was definitely planning to, but I think I may want to do something else next week. I’ll come back to it at eventually. 🙂

  1. Well now seems Helena found herself in quite the predicament but it all came out in the end. I truly did enjoy this and I as well hope we see more of Helena and her umm misfortunes in the future.

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