All in the Family

Rose was ecstatic to be in New Orleans for her 21st birthday. Nothing like hitting Bourbon Street for your first legal drinking night. As her brother drove, searching for a place to park, her two cousins in the backseat were reminding her of the rules.

“Drink water in between drinks.”

“Don’t forget to eat.”

“Don’t accept any drinks from anyone but us.”

She nodded to all of their demands. She knew they were just trying to protect her. As the only girl in the generation, everyone in the family was a little overbearing at times, but she knew it was because they loved her. It’s not like she didn’t know how high the danger of date rape drugs were. A girl in her class had been raped only a few months back. But that wasn’t something she was going to dwell on. She was with family. They wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Her brother bought the first round of drinks while they waited for their food. “I think you’ll like this one, sis. It’s fruity, so you won’t taste the vodka.”

“So, now you’re one of us,” her cousin Cameron said. “Welcome to adulthood.”

“I’ll drink to that!” his brother Mark said.


She took a careful sip to not spill anything, then put her glass back down. Her brother was right. She didn’t taste anything except strawberry, her favorite. “That was good.”

He smiled at her. “To you being 21.”

Everyone drank again.

The food arrived, but Rose found herself talking so much that she forgot to eat that much even as she kept drinking whenever her throat got dry form speaking.

​After her second drink, Cameron took the empty glass and said, “Okay. You’re done for the night.”

“I’m fine!”

“You’re a lightweight,” Mark said.

She flipped him off, but didn’t argue more.

Her brother paid the bill and drove them back to their hotel. They had splurged on a suite. Her brother ushered her into her room and told her to go to sleep. Her cousins came in kissed her cheek before they closed the door.

She must have dropped off to sleep immediately because before she knew it, she was being roused awake by six pairs of hands.

Before she could scream, one hand covered her mouth while the others got to work on removing her clothes.

“Sh, it’s me.”

She froze. That was her brother.

“You didn’t really think the three of us just wanted to celebrate your birthday, did you? Why do you think we brought you all the way down here? It’s so mom wouldn’t be around. But don’t worry. Dad is here, too.”

She turned her head and saw her Dad seated in the corner, his legs spread and his erection in his hands. His eyes shined with sinful intent as he stared at her exposed body.

“He’s very excited to be your first. Don’t worry. We’ll all be gentle… The first time.”

The words made her want to thrash, but she couldn’t. Her muscles felt too weak. Had she been drugged?

“What’s the matter, sis? Don’t you love incest porn? That’s what your blog says.” His threatening tone sends an involuntary shudder through her and she felt herself get wet.

“Looks like she’s into it,” Cameron says right before pushing a finger into her. “Oh, yeah. She’s definitely into it.”

“Hold her open,” Her dad said, coming closer to the bed.

Cameron and Mark moved so they were each holding onto a leg, spreading her indecently to her father. Then she felt her brother’s cock press against her mouth. She opened for him, unable to do anything else. He slid in with one stroke, making her gag. His hand came to rest on her throat and rubbed, making her muscles relax around him.

She felt her father position himself between her lips and rub himself against her, paying particular attention to her aching clit. How could she be aroused by this? She was about to be raped by her own father. His hands grabbed and massaged her naked breasts as he began to push the tip in slowly. Then more, and more until she felt the pain of him stretching her hymen and entering her fully. He grabbed her waist and stilled. She could feel him pulsing inside her before he began to move. “You’re so tight, baby girl,” he groaned. “Just like I knew you would be. I’ve waited so long to fuck your little body.”


“That’s right. It’s your father who’s fucking you. Making you so wet and needy. Don’t worry, I’ll make it good for you. After all, a father always takes care of his little girl.” He began to go faster and harder. So did her brother in her mouth.

She felt the tell-tale signs of an orgasm start to build and started crying. Why was her body betraying her?

Her father began rubbing her clit and before long, she came, clenching on her father’s cock. It set off his own release and her brother’s. She was filled with their incestuous cum simultaneously. Before she could fully recover, she saw Cameron and Mark taking their places.

Her father sat back down and opened a beer bottle. He took a long sip and said, “Your uncle will be so disappointed he missed tonight. But there’s always the next family reunion. And Thanksgiving. And Christmas.”

“This is your life now,” her brother said, stroking her stomach from where he stood beside her. “Aren’t you happy to be in New Orleans? I know I’m having an amazing time.”

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9 thoughts on “All in the Family

  1. I have read this genre on and off over the years, this is really well written. The build up from celebrating her birthday in NO to the surprise of finding her dad there. Seems she has found a new place in the family that she wasn’t expecting.

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