30 Days of D/s: Day 12

Introducing D/s to Your Vanilla Relationship: Everyone is at a different point in life. Some people are married and happily kinky. Others are happily kinky but still single. And some find themselves thinking about kink while worrying about how to tell their vanilla partner. At some point, we can all find ourselves in a similar situation.

If you’ve already gone through this, use this as a way to think about how you told your partner and what worked (or didn’t) for you. If you’re still trying to work up the courage, use today’s email as a starting point. You don’t have to have the conversation today but maybe you can write some conversation starters or points you want to make.

Loving BDSM

I haven’t met any vanilla guys I’ve ever really wanted to be with before I knew I was kinky. And now that I know that I am, I’m hoping to completely avoid this situation by finding someone from the community. But… if I find someone vanilla who I love, I’ll come back and reevaluate this.

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