Q&A with the Girls of Pixie Heart Blog

  1. Babe: What sort of Submissive are you? Slave, sub, baby girl, little, pet? I’m definitely a sub with some little and slave thrown in. It kind of depends on my mood at the time.
  2. Kitten: What are you studying at college and why did you choose that? I’m studying English Lit because I love to read and decided it might as well count as homework if I was going to do it anyway. I also just love stories, so there’s that, too.
  3. Mouse: Do you have any nicknames and what if so what is the story behind? I’ve never actually had that many nicknames. My mom is the one who first called me her China Doll. If only she knew that it was now my kinky, BDSM username. I had a few friends call me Z, and one called me Zar (pronounced like “Tsar”) even though he knew it irked me a lot.
  4. Little Bear: What are you top 5 celebrity crushes? Hm. They change based on what I’ve been watching recently. In no particular order: Dominic Sherwood, Toby Regbo, Will Tudor (can you tell I have a thing for blonde, British boys?), Gerard Butler, and Michael Fassbender.
  5. Everyone: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now? Hopefully making a living off the things I love most: writing, freelance editing and website design.
  6. Babe: Who has had the biggest impact on your outlook on life and why? My mom. She’s super caring, a strong, independent woman, and is the one who taught me that differences make us beautiful and is not a thing to be fear or to hate.
  7. Kitten: What sports do you do and what would you like to do? I danced for many years but kind of fell out of it due to scheduling. I would like to get back to swimming (ear infections be damned). I would also like to return to archery, but I don’t know of any places around where I live (at school or at home) where I could do that.
  8. Mouse: What are you top 5 kinks and why? Spanking (even the idea never fails to make me wet), bondage (giving up my mobility and being at the mercy of my Dom turns me on so much), orgasm control (I can’t say how sexy I think this is), sexual availability (servicing my Dom whenever he wants? Yes, please), and odaxelagnia (sexual arousal from biting or being bitten—it’s just so primal, I love it).
  9. What super hero would you be? Wonder Woman, hands down. She is a fighter when she needs to be, is good at negotiation, stands for peace and justice, and is all around amazing.
  10. What are your pet peeves about yourself? I can be very judgemental and that bothers me, especially when I turn it on myself—it’s not good. Related to that is my perfectionism. I don’t like my sometimes impatience or impulsivity.
  11. Little Bear: Where is the treasure hidden? In Neverland.
  12. Little Bear: What is you favoured mythical beast? Dragon. They’re fierce and amazing protectors, symbols of China, bad enemies to have, and hot as hell in shifter romances.
  13. Little Bear: Pink, purple or glitter? Why not all? If I had to pick just one, purple.
  14. Little Bear: Best sweetie ever? Cotton candy (or candy floss).
  15. Little Bear: Where is your favourite place to hang out with friends? I love going to movies with my friends and then chatting with them after as we walk or have dinner, so it’s not one specific place, but a favorite past time with friends.

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