30 Days of D/s: Day 16

When real life interferes with your D/s: Yes, we know your D/s relationship is real life. Of course it is. But the rest of life sometimes interferes with the kinky fuckery you’d rather be having. Illness, death, finances – it all makes an impact on how much (if any) D or s is going on. Think about it for a while. Wrap your mind around the idea.

Does it surprise you that you might not maintain the same level of D/s during the stressful times? Do you think you know how you’ll handle your relationship when it does? What ideas can you consider that might help you when this happens?

Loving BDSM

It surprised me when it happened during normal, busy times, so not as much when it happened during a stressful time this summer. I think, cognitively, I knew that D/s could be hard to maintain when life gets stressful because it requires a lot of attention and energy and sometimes life doesn’t let you give enough of one or either to D/s. And obviously LDR makes it tougher, but it was still a little surprising when I personally experienced it.

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