30 Days of D/s: Day 18

Sex isn’t required for D/s: Did we blow your mind with this one? No, sexual activity (kinky or otherwise) isn’t required for a D/s relationship. Dominance and submission is about a power exchange, of receiving or giving up control. Sex is an added bonus. Sex is fun. Sex is not required. You may find, in your own D/s relationship, that sometimes the sex is almost vanilla but the rules of your relationship never falter.

Have you ever considered D/s without a sexual component? Would you be interested in something like it? How important is sex to your current or future D/s relationship?

These are just a few things to think about if the concept is new to you.

Loving BDSM

I have considered it, but I’m definitely not interested in it. Sex (and obviously BDSM) is very important to my future D/s relationships. I view sex as one of the services I’d perform for my Dom, and sexual availability really turns me on.

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