30 Days of D/s: Day 19

What do you think about orgasm control? Orgasm control encompasses a lot of different play. Begging for permission, denial, edging, forced orgasms, and even coming on command – there’s a lot there. Some people (like us) say, “We want it all!” And others only like certain parts of orgasm control. If you don’t like the idea of it at all, that’s okay, too.

This is a good time to think about what you know about orgasm control and what you think (or know) you want.

Loving BDSM

I’m in the “we want it all!” camp. That being said, I’m definitely not a denial slut. I need to know that release is coming (no pun intended) at some point. I might not know when but it needs to be an inevitability contingent on my Dom’s timeline, not a mere possibility to always hope for but not always get.

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