30 Days of D/s: Day 21

Have you heard of subfrenzy? You might have never heard of subfrenzy and still experienced it whether as the submissive or a Dominant. It’s a moment that happens for new submissives or submissives in new relationships where they get a little intense about their submission, sometimes to the detriment of their own safety.

It can be overwhelming in healthy relationships and dangerous in bad relationships. It’s good to know what it is and how to recognize it, even if you’re past the point of thinking you’ll be affected by it.

Loving BDSM

I definitely have. When I first heard about subfrenzy, and read this article from the Submissive Guide and this blog post (written by Kayla Lords, 1/2 of LovingBDSM), I immediately thought: that was me! That’s why I found myself moving too fast in my first online D/s relationship.

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