30 Days of D/s: Day 24

When a D/s relationship ends: We sincerely hope that whatever good, healthy D/s relationship you find yourself in never ends or doesn’t end on bad terms. But the reality is that, for at least some people, they’re going to experience a D/s break-up at some point. For submissives, it can be particularly hard as you’ve come to rely on a person to help guide you and then they’re gone. It’s not easy for Dominants, either. It’s important to know that many of the feelings you might experience are normal, and that you will recover.

Loving BDSM

Even though I ended my last D/s relationship, it still felt weird not having a Dom anymore. I think if I’m ever in a scenario where the Dom ended things, I’d have to remind myself I’m not a bad submissive just because things didn’t work out between us (I have a tendency to catastrophize, it’s not fun).

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