30 Days of D/s: Day 26

Figuring out your tasks and rituals: Much like rules and other negotiated parts of your D/s relationship, you may want to incorporate tasks and rituals. Rules dictate behavior: behave this way, don’t do that, always do this. Tasks and rituals are often things you do for your partner or as a way to bring yourself (individually or together) back into your mental, emotional, and even physical D/s space. Tasks and rituals become more important as vanilla life interferes in your kinky one. These can be the things that make you feel your most Dominant or submissive self.

Can you think of tasks or rituals you already have or some you think you’d like to have that could be incorporated in a current or future D/s relationship?

Loving BDSM

I don’t have any tasks (I’m single), but a routine is very important to me eventually. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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