30 Days of D/s: Day 30

What does this all mean? Take a look back at any posts or emails you wrote, notes you took. Think back to conversations you’ve had.

Did you figure out anything new about yourself and your needs? Do you have a plan for future D/s relationships? Do you understand things that seemed confusing before? Are you ready to talk to your partner, look for a partner, or move in a new direction? Did you go through the program and realize that you’re already on the right track and you understood more about D/s than you thought? That’s a win, too, by the way!

Use what you’ve learned in the past month and put it all together. Write a list of what you want. Write a list of what you don’t want. Make a list of questions to ask your partner. Make a list of things you can’t wait to try or things to research more

Loving BDSM

I’m going to take this prompt one by one.

  • I just completed 30 Days of submission in August, so that also helped me crystallize my submissive self and needs. Therefore, I don’t know if I discovered anything for the first time. In general, I’m also pretty good at figuring out my desires (with a few exceptions) with the caveat that I know I always need to learn more via research and experience.
  • I don’t have a concrete plan, but I’ve definitely found things that I need to go over with my future Dom. So while I wouldn’t say I have a “plan,” per se, I have a checklist to create one.
  • I don’t think I found any of these topics particularly “confusing” before, but I have learned more info about each and that has made me think about all of the topics more deeply (and in many cases, from different angles than I have previously).
  • I am very ready to talk to my partner about many of these topics.
  • Yes, I did!

I’m going to keep those lists private, but I do have them and am adding to them as new thoughts continue to occur to me.

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