Second Dessert

Abigail was about ready to explode by the end of dinner. Her Master had taken her to the fancy new European-style restaurant that had communal seating, meaning he had been playing with her non-stop since the time they sat down to when he paid the check and escorted her into the car service back to his place. And he’d placed his bag on the floor between them, which meant her foot pressed against the aged leather as a constant reminder of what was to come.

When he opened the door, he reached under her dress and gave one pinch to her clit, and said, “Go into the playroom and strip.”

She walked down the hallway on shaky legs toward the second bedroom that he had converted into his personal playroom. She unzipped her dress and stepped out of her heels. She folded the fabric and placed it on the chair in the corner and placed her shoes underneath it. Then she knelt at the foot of the bed and waited for her Master to come in. Minutes passed and she fought the urge to shift, knowing that if she did, he would no doubt walk in at that exact moment. So, she waited and soon enough she heard him come in. His hand touched the top of her head and she rose, climbed onto the bed, and presented herself to him on all fours and her forehead touching the bed’s silk sheets.

She felt the bed dip when he placed the bag next to her. Then she heard him removing his tie, the fabric slicking against itself as he undid the knot. She didn’t hear him for a bit, but knew from experience that he was likely undoing the buttons on his shirt. She did hear when it fell to the floor and heard the tell-tale sound of his zipper next.

Then his hand was rubbing her ass. “You were such a good girl at dinner. I’m proud of you.” He spanked her once, then rubbed the skin again.

“Thank you, Master.”

He hit the other side.

“Thank you, Master,” she repeated.

Then she felt his hands on her thighs, spreading them even more. She heard him unzip the bag and soon felt his hand on her ankle. Leather wrapped around it and tightened as he fastened the strap. Then the same thing happened on her other ankle and she knew he’d used the spreader bar. She heard him reach into the bag again and two clips later, her feet her fastened to the bed.

She heard his footsteps on the carpet as he rounded the bed to the front. Then she felt his hand grabbing hers. As he wrapped her hands in rope, she let herself relax, giving herself over to the rhythm. Then she felt a yank, stretching her out until her breasts lay against the cool sheets. And his hand stroking her spine had her trying—and failing—to arch her back.

“Such a pretty picture.” She felt him climb onto the bed and felt his finger sliding against her sopping slit. “Now, let’s have some fun.”

Before she could respond, he thrust inside her, making her scream. One hand went to her hip and the other reached between her legs and began rubbing her engorged clit. “Be a good girl for your Master, Abigail, and come for me. I need you to focus for the rest of the night.”

He continued thrusting and she felt the orgasm building inside her. She would never not be amazed by how quickly he was able to make her come. And it only got better the longer they were together. She felt his teeth on her shoulder and then she was coming around his cock as he kept fucking her. When she could finally hear over her heartbeat again, he left her clit and stroked her hair, pulling it together and grabbing it. “Good girl. Now, let’s begin.”

​Oh, God.

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Update: this story was included in the Top 3 Roundup for Week 171! Thank you, John Brownstone!

Who doesn’t like dessert? Not many people I know! I would be more then happy to go back for seconds on many occasions especially if its something sweet. Second Dessert by ChinaDoll320 is hot and the details of it made it even more so — from the impression of the bag being laid down on the bed to the unseen footsteps. I think I’m going back for seconds.

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