Office Hours

Helena sat beside her professor, waiting for him to acknowledge her. He had emailed the class the day before saying he was going away on a conference this week and that the three teaching assistants would be doing additional office hours for the students’ studying questions right before she received a private text from him telling her to go to his home with an overnight bag. She’d arrived fifteen minutes ago and he had yet to do anything but look at his laptop. He typed something on his computer, then closed it. “Strip, Helena.”

She stood up from the couch, unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the hard wood floor. She reached for the hem of her sweater and pulled it off, her nipples immediately tightening in the cool air.

He motioned for her to step closer and she did. His left hand reached for her left breast, cupping it and swiping his thumb under the swell, while the other slipped between her thighs to her already wet pussy lips. “Have you studied for your final exam next week?”

Not as much as she should have. “Yes, Master.”

He pushed his index finger into her and she bit her lip at the sensation. She thought she’d be used to it by now, but every time, it made her pulse quicken.

He massaged her breast gently, making her moan. “And do you have any questions for your knowledgeable professor?”

She panted. “Will we have to remember the publication dates of all the works we’ve read?”

He inserted his middle finger, stretching her a bit more. Then he began slowly pumping them in and out of her. She felt her own wetness start to leak down her thigh. “No, pet. I’ll be giving you a list of the titles and dates. But you will have to know the authors. Next?”

“Will there be quote explications or just essay questions?”

“Just three essay questions. What else, Helena? That can’t be all of your questions.” He pressed his thumb on her clit, slowly massaging it in circles.

She shifted on her feet. He’d since made her start wearing heels he bought her. Today, they were black boots with red accents. “I…” She swallowed. She couldn’t think of anything to say. “Can I come, Master?”

He pressed harder on her sensitized clit and sharply pinched her nipple. “No. Treat this as our normal office hours. Be a good girl and make the most of this one-on-one time with your professor, Helena.”

“Do you want us to focus on close reading or thematic connections in the essays?” she finally asked as he continued to push her toward the orgasmic edge.

​He made a small humming sound. God, she wished his mouth was on her then. “Balance, obviously is the best approach to an essay. But…” his fingers continued working her, making it hard to concentrate on his words. “If it had to be more of one or the other, I would like to see more close reading.”

He pulled his hands away and motioned for her to kneel before him. She bent both knees and lowered herself onto the ground. He had trained her to do it that way rather than one at a time. The hand that had been at her breast gripped her hair in a ponytail and he presented his glistening fingers.

She licked them clean as he pushed them into her mouth, moaning as she did so. Once they were clean, he took them out and undid his pants with one flick of his button and a quick unzipping of his pants. He brought her head all the way down on his hard cock and she dutifully sucked it, maintaining eye contact with him. She sucked particularly hard one time and his head dropped back against the top of the couch. He loosened his tight grip and stroked her hair and caressed her cheek. “Such a good girl, aren’t you? Are you my perfect little pet?”

She bobbed up and down on him, hoping he recognized it as a nod.

He did. “I thought so.” He pulled her up onto his lap and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She straddled him and kissed him while he held her arms behind her, and grinding on him like her life depended on it.

When she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he turned her around and pushed, making her brace herself against the floor. He lifted her hips and then his mouth was on her.

She actually whined when he licked a giant wet stripe up her slit. And then he began licking, sucking, and tongue fucking her until her whole body was shaking, from the effort of holding herself up and most importantly, what he was doing to her.


He stopped his ministrations, making her cry. “Yes, pet?”

“May I come, Master?”

“What did I tell you during our last session, pet?”

“That I can’t come unless it’s around your cock.”

“That’s right. But I do love to hear you beg for it like the needy girl we both know you to be.” He gave her another lick, then pulled her up by the waist, turned her on his lap, and plunged his cock into her.

It was too much for her and she came immediately, the orgasm shaking her to her core. She felt lightheaded, but she could feel him thrusting into her mercilessly and one hand brought her head against his shoulder. The gentleness of the gesture was in such contrast to the hand almost punishingly gripping her hip as he moved her up and down.

She came back down from her high but minutes later, she felt his tempo begin to speed up. Then he slammed her down on his cock, held her down, and unloaded in her. He bit the chord between her neck and shoulder, triggering another orgasm in her, as they continued fucking.

Then he pulled her off his cock and settled her on his lap and gave her a gentle kiss. “You’ve pleased me greatly, pet.” She was so exhausted and deeply satisfied to have pleased her Master that all she could do was smile against his neck.

He lifted her in his arms, brought her into his bedroom and tucked her in. “Sleep, pet. I’ll come get you when my cock needs you again.”

She snuggled into the comfortable bed and drifted off to sleep, his cum still leaking out of her.

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    1. I’m in the same boat as you! Haha. I can’t tell if this teaching method would keep me more focused or distract me way more than Netflix and Tumblr ever could.

    1. The pun did cross my mind. And I’m so glad you’ve brought your puns to my comment section! (Insert squee here)

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