Winter Family Fun

Rose was sweating. Which was unexpected given it was winter. But as she and her brother finished bringing her boxes down to the car, she was ready to collapse. Luckily, the long car ride was going to let her nap and catch up on the three weeks of non-stop homework leading up to the end of Winter Semester. Their Dad was there, waiting to the load last boxes. He squeezed the last one in and shut the trunk. Her mom had decided to go on a ladies vacation with her aunts, paid by their husbands.

Her backpack sat in the front seat so she climbed into the back and her brother sat next to her. No sooner had she clipped her seatbelt and leaned back, she was already sleeping. Her dreams, as they had been ever since her twenty-first birthday, were sexual and featured her male family members‚ÄĒsomething she never thought she’d say. About an hour later, she woke up in the middle of a dream orgasm. Or, what she thought was a dream-orgasm. Her breath was labored and she looked down and saw a hand inside her jeans. She looked over at her brother who smiled at her. “How was your nap?”

She shifted her hips against his hand and he obliged, rubbing her clit. “Good,” she breathed.

“When you started moaning my name, I couldn’t help myself. I hope you’ve never napped in public before.”


Her dad pulled up to a red light and she noticed he was watching them intently through the rearview mirror.

“Scoot over,” her brother said. He removed his hand, making her whine. “Do it, Rose.”

She unclipped her seatbelt and moved to the center seat, then clipped herself back in.

“And take off your pants and panties.”

She reached down and did, discarding them on the seat next to her.

Then he plunged his fingers into her, making her shoot off the seat. He used his other hand to push her back down. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled her under the diagonal strap of her seatbelt and down until her lips touched him. She opened her mouth and he quickly pushed himself into her.

He continued finger-fucking her, the sounds of her wetness filling the car, as he guided her with his other hand.

“Oh, fuck,” he muttered. “Have you been practicing?”

He pulled her up and she shook her head. She really hadn’t.

He pushed her back down. “You must really be a cock slut if you’re this good.”

She tried to answer around his cock, but couldn’t. She heard him chuckle above her. “Can’t talk now, can you? I think I like you like this.” He thrust into her throat hard and pushed her all the way down, making her eyes water. “When we get home, Dad’s going to join in. He’s been waiting for mom to go on her trip for weeks. He told me he has plans for you, so I hope your nap was really good because you won’t be sleeping a lot. Uncle Billy and Mark and Cameron are coming over. So are Alexander and Andrew. They can’t wait to use you.”

She almost choked. Her best friend’s dad and brother were going to fuck her?

“Like that idea, I see.” He started finger-fucking her faster and she felt a shameful orgasm building in her. “Make me cum first or you don’t,” he growled.

She began sucking and licking him like her life depended on it and from his groans and increasingly-louder curse words she knew he was getting close. But so was she. She drew on him one more time, hollowing her cheeks and swirling her tongue underneath his cock’s head.

That set him off because the underside vein began to throb on her tongue and then his cum was shooting down her throat, filling her throat and mouth almost as fast as she was swallowing it down. She kept swallowing until it stopped flowing. He pulled her up just enough for her to kiss the tip. Then he pulled her up into a kiss, his tongue thrusing into her as his fingers began to work between her legs. He sucked on her tongue and pinched her clit, tipping her over. She screamed into his mouth as the orgasm rocked through her.

He patted her once then brought his wet fingers up to her mouth. “Taste yourself, sis. Show me what a slut you are.”

She couldn’t help herself. She did it. And moaned as she did.

He smiled at her. “Nap until we reach the rest stop. Then I’m driving and Dad gets his turn.”

Her head fell back against the seat’s head rest. Holy shit.

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