Master’s Pet

Helena knelt at her Master’s feet as he wrote this semester’s curriculum. She wasn’t in his class this time, even though she had wanted to reconfigure her schedule to fit it in. He closed his laptop and tilted her chin up to meet him. “I will miss you in my class, but I still expect you to join me in office hours on a regular basis for our special meetings. And you will continue to live here, pet. So I can have access to you whenever I like.”

She felt herself begin to throb between her thighs, but kept her legs spread. Master had taught her that in the first few days of her living with him. She wasn’t allowed to close her thighs to him unless she was walking—which was rare. As were her wearing clothes.

He tweaked her nipple, making her focus on the present again. “Shall we see how flexible you’ve become in the past month?”

She bowed her head in agreement.

He rose from his desk chair and walked toward the bedroom. She crawled after him and felt her wetness leaking down her thigh. Helena climbed up the pet stairs he had on the side of the bed and lay on her back spread-eagled for his inspection. He walked around her and fastened her into the cuffs at each corner, pulling tight.

Standing at the foot of the bed, he swiped a finger through her wet folds and stuck two fingers into her, thrusting gently before adding a third, stretching her. The sounds of him finger-fucking her filled the room and she moaned.

“Such an eager little pet, aren’t you?” He pulled his fingers out and began sucking on her clit. Then he plunged her tongue inside her, probing her while driving her closer and closer to the edge. She felt his hands undo the cuffs around her feet and him rotate her hips up. Then his mouth left her and she felt his cock inside her.

She screamed as he fucked her hard, holding her legs wider than they’d ever gone. The twice-daily stretching routine and daily workouts were clearly working.

“Mm, such a good girl,” he grunted in her ear. “How far can you go?” He pressed a little harder and pushed himself even deeper, bottoming out inside of her. Her muscles clenched around him which seemed to tip him over the edge because he began moving faster. When she felt like she couldn’t hold back anymore, he growled, “Come for your Master, pet.”

She exploded around him.

Then she woke up to him massaging her wrists and ankles, his cock still inside her. “Good girl,” he purred in her ear. His hand drifted down to her clit. He pinched her, making her clench on him again. “Let’s continue.”

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