The Doctor Is In

“Miss Myers.”

Skylar turned her head to look at Dr. Joseph, who was sitting in his leather armchair near her feet as she lay on the couch.

“You’ve been my patient for a few months, but I would like to recommend a new form of treatment for you. I believe it will help you quiet your anxious mind and improve your mood by helping you focus on the important things in life.”

“Of course, Dr. Joseph. May I ask what it is?”

“It’s a modified guided meditation. I would like you to close your eyes and just focus on the sound of my voice.”

She obeyed.

“Very good. Now, I want you to let any thoughts just pass through your mind. Don’t try to suppress them or force them out. They will pass.” A beat passed. “First, I want you to focus on breathing slowly.”

She inhaled as deeply as possible, then slowly blew it out, feeling her breasts press against her lace bra with each inhale. A few moments passed before her breasts began to feel heavier and achy. Absent-mindedly, she reached up and cupped them, massaging her nipples. The contact sent jolts of pleasure to her clit and she started to get wet. Her skin began to feel hot and she began to squirm on the couch. Dr. Joseph spoke again. “Very good. Now, why don’t you get a little more comfortable?”

With her eyes still closed, she unbuttoned her blouse. Then she undid the front clasp of her bra and shrugged both off, leaving her only in her skirt. She’d already taken her heels off at the door, as usual.

​”I want you to feel the leather against your skin, and tell me how it feels.”

“It feels smooth, and hot, and nice against my skin.”

“Is your skin stimulated by the contact?”


“Address me as Doctor, Miss Myers. Now is not the time to become unprofessional in our relationship.”

“Sorry, Doctor.”

“I want you to feel the ache between your thighs and focus on it. It will become more intense as you do, but you must not give into it unless I instruct you to. Understand?”

“Yes, Doctor.” As he said, her clit began to throb more as she turned her mind to her intensifying arousal. She felt an orgasm building, something that had never happened without lots of clitoral stimulation from a vibrator.

“As you do, I want you to repeat this in your head with each circle of your clit: My Doctor knows best. He is always right. My job is to obey him. I exist for his pleasure. I’m a Doll to be used by him. His happiness is my happiness. His satisfaction is all that matters.” He stopped speaking and the only sound in his office was her labored breaths.

A few moments passed before she heard, “Are you close, Doll?” His voice sounded closer than before. He must have moved his chair.

“Yes, Doctor.”

“And if I did this?”

She suddenly felt foreign fingers—his fingers—petting her sex. A rush of wetness met his light touch and she moaned before she could contain the sound. Instinctively, she arched her back, sending his fingers inside her.

Then he began sliding them in an out of her. She heard him growl lowly in approval before increasing his speed.

​”What do you want, Miss Myers?”

“Release, Doctor.”

“How, Doll?”

“Anyway you’ll let me, Doctor.”

“Would you like my cock?”

She moaned.

She felt him slap her clit and yelped. She understood the voiceless reprimand. “Yes, Doctor,” she answered breathlessly.

She heard the rustle of him removing his clothes then felt him lie on top of her. His fingers withdrew and she screamed when he thrust inside her without warning.

“Fuck, you’re tight, aren’t you? Open your eyes, Doll, and watch your Doctor fuck your needy cunt.”

She obeyed her Doctor. After all, he knew best. She just wanted him to be happy with her. That was all that mattered.

He came with a roar, filling her unprotected pussy with his cum. He pulled out and placed a pillow under her hips. “How do you feel, Doll?”

“Happy, Doctor.”

He smiles at her and brought his fingers to her mouth. “Suck like a good girl while I review the next steps of your treatment.”

She happily obeyed, moaning at the taste of herself on her Doctor’s fingers.

“I’m very impressed with your progress. Today, I believe we had a breakthrough, but for the change to be permanent, I would like you to start coming here every day instead of once a week. It’s simply not an effective schedule for my needs. Don’t you agree, Doll?”

She stopped her sucking momentarily to say, “Yes, Doctor,” before resuming her task. No sooner had she done so, she felt his hand in her hair as he guided her to his semi-hard cock. “Make me hard again, Doll. We have another forty minutes of this session and I’m not nearly done with you.”

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    1. Yay! I’m so glad I could be of service. I hope you both have a lot of hot, kinky fun after this!

    1. Only if John Brownstone approves. I’m not putting my ass on the line by encouraging you to fantasize about other men (I doubt I’d be able to sit for a week)

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