Into the Den of Vipers

“We’re almost there, Doll.”

She had been hovering on the edge of her orgasm for the past five blocks. Though he walked behind her, he had his fingers fit snugly inside her, stoking the fire ever since he had dressed her at his home. She no longer saw him in his office, but in his bedroom where she was able to relax more and receive his treatment more effectively.

He must have felt her get wetter because he briefly pulled his middle finger out of her to swipe at her engorged and over-sensitive clit. She bit her lip to keep in the moan. They were in public and he had trained her to never alert others to his power over her.

He tightened his grip on her and steered her to the left before making her stop in front of a beautiful brownstone that revealed nothing of the debauchery she knew lay inside. How she had let her Doctor talk her into going to his monthly hypnotist meeting was beyond her, but here she was.

He pinched her and she began to climb the steps. With his other hand, he rang the doorbell for exactly three seconds before releasing it. He leaned closer and whispered in her ear, “Remember, Doll, head held high, but no direct eye-contact unless they explicitly give you permission. Nod if you understand.”

She did and almost gasped at the rewarding thrust of his fingers. The door opened and a man wearing a button-down white shirt and black blazer took them in. She blushed as his eyes scanned her body and was relieved when he shifted his gaze to her Doctor.

​”Welcome, Dr. Joseph. We are so pleased you finally brought your Doll for us to play with.” His eyes landed on her again, “You’re quite something, aren’t you?”

She didn’t know what she was supposed to do. Was she supposed to answer? Her hesitation became moot when her Doctor spoke up.

“Yes, she is. She’s quite open to suggestion, and always eager to please.” He placed a kiss to her temple. “Shall we begin?”

The man nodded and gestured them inside. As they passed, he said, “I’m Mr. Stephens, by the way.”

She realized this was a very wealthy business man. If he was here, who else was here? Her own Doctor was on the forefront of his field. It was likely to be a Mensa orgy. And her nerves were back. She heard her Doctor chuckle a moment before she felt his hand skim down her spine. “Sh, Doll. You’ll be fine. I won’t let them break you.” She thought she also heard him mutter, “That’s my privilege,” but she wasn’t sure. “Everyone, please meet Miss Myers, my latest patient. She took to my treatment faster than anyone before her. Isn’t that right, Doll?”

“Yes, Doctor.” She moved closer to him, needing comfort in the face of the eight other men in the room.

One of them, a famed plastic surgeon, walked up to her and tilted her chin up to the ceiling before he perused her body. “She’s a beauty, Doctor. I was hoping I could suggest she go under my knife sometime, but she’s flawless.”

The others walked closer, but one stayed apart from them, watching everything. When he was the last one to approach her, she felt a shiver of fear go up her spine. She didn’t recognize him from any public sector and had the sinking suspicion that he was in a line of work she didn’t want to know about. “You’re a shy one.” He smiled, “but I’m sure that won’t last long.”

Before she could ask what that meant, her Doctor turned her towards him and said the word, “Blind.”

Her eyes closed involuntarily and when she opened them again, she saw that she and her Doctor were alone. Which was wonderful because the heat between her thighs had multiplied tenfold and she needed him inside her. She reached behind herself and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor before stepping out of it. She knelt at His feet, waiting for permission to undo his belt. His hand lightly touched her head and she wasted no time freeing his bulging erection and placing it in her mouth. She moaned at the weight and texture. It was her favorite thing to do nowadays and she couldn’t wait for her tasty reward.

He never looked at her the whole time, instead he looked as if he were talking to someone. But that was impossible. No one else was in the room with them. She just focused on her task until she felt him explode in her mouth and dutifully sucked it all down.

“Good girl. See.”

She turned around and suddenly saw the men again, each smiling devilishly at her. Had they been there the whole time?

“Learn,” her Doctor said.

Two men approached her and began speaking in her ears, but she could barely hear their words. Her mind had gotten even hazier than normal. It was always that way when she had her treatments, but ever since meeting her Doctor, her mind had been a little hazy all the time.

One of the two men said, “How are you liking the weather?”

For no reason, she laughed then gasped as an unexpected orgasm ripped through her.

The man looked at her. “Are you okay?”

In response, she laughed again and fell to her knees as another orgasm came.

The other man asked her, “Would you like some more?”

Normally, the idea of serving another man than her Doctor was entirely repulsive to her, but she found her mouth watering and licked her lips. He stepped forward and pressed the head of his cock to her mouth, then began fucking her. To her surprise, she felt each thrust in her pussy as much as her throat and felt herself fast approaching another orgasm.

He came on her face then kept thrusting in her mouth but even while feeling it in her pussy, she couldn’t seem to go over the edge. He pulled out and the hilarious man took his place in her mouth and said something she couldn’t quite hear, but her nipples suddenly felt as if they were on fire. She lifted her hands to rub them, moaning as she did and as he fucked her in the throat and pussy by proxy. He also finished on her face. The 6 other men took their turns fucking her throat while saying things she couldn’t understand but seemed to affect her all the same, and finishing on her face until she was drenched in the evidence of their pleasure.

“Good girl,” she heard her Doctor say, his phone in hand. The flash went off and she heard him say, “Wipe.”

She woke up in her Doctor’s bed and saw him smiling at her.

“What happened, Doctor?”

“Nothing, Doll. The event, unfortunately, got postponed to tomorrow, so get your rest. You’ll need it.”

Update: this story was included in the Top 3 Roundup for Week 194! Thank you, Julie!

ChinaDoll320’s story has that wonderful element that we all search for in creating a story – originality. This is a creative but also extremely erotic story of Doll and her Doctor. But are the events that take place a fantasy, a dream or something a little more sinister? This is part one, so that means we get to go back and find out more…..hopefully soon.

19 thoughts on “Into the Den of Vipers

    1. That’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten for my writing! I had a lot of fun writing it, and am so glad you enjoyed it almost as much as me 🙂

  1. So I can’t help thinking it’s not at all a dream…on a purely fantasy level, I love that he might have wiped her memory and hypnotized her so easily. Hypnosis or not, all those men and all that pleasure hits my buttons. 😉

    1. You, Kayla, would be 100% correct! He did wipe her memory with the simple command, “Wipe” before the scene break. And I’m so glad it hit your buttons! It definitely hits mine 🙂

  2. This is in equal measures scary, fascinating and compulsive reading. It is also very erotic. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

    1. You’re the first person to call it scary or compulsory, but I’ll take both as a great compliment. Glad you’re looking forward to Part 3.

  3. I really enjoyed this, very hot, I particularly like reading ‘reluctance/hypnotism’ pieces. It was not til the end that I realised I should question everything I’d just read for real v suggestion. More please!

    1. I’m so glad you did! I appreciate your enthusiasm for the next part. Be sure to check back here next Monday (6/4)

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