An Illusory Picnic

“I want you to close your eyes for a moment, Doll, and when I snap my fingers, your body will mirror every stimulus you see in the video I am about to show you. Understand?”

​She found herself nodding even though his words made no real sense to her. They hadn’t in a long time. All she knew was that she needed to obey Him because He was in charge of her well-being and everything else.

Today, he had taken her out on a picnic in the park near them. He’d brought two blankets even though she couldn’t figure out why. They easily fit on one. She watched him unfold it and lie down beside her, covering them with it.

Then his hands were working her skirt down, unbuttoning her blouse, and undoing her bra. She understood the silent command and shrugged out of them. She was completely naked now. She never wore panties anymore. He didn’t like them, so she didn’t either.

His fingers quickly delved between her already swollen and wet folds to find her clit. She mewled as he pinched it.

He pulled his fingers away, and said, “Quiet.” He spanked her pussy as a punctuation, making her curl into fetal position. His other hand grabbed onto her thigh, pinning her to his body in an open, vulnerable position.

His hand reached around her, showing her the screen of her phone. The screen was black, and just before she could ask why, she heard him snap next to her ear. The screen began to play a black and white video and she saw herself standing with Him and a number of other men.

She heard him whisper, “Feel everything, Doll. I want you to remember our fun time last week. But you may not cum.”

She couldn’t respond. Her body was wracked with the sensation of the multiple men’s hands from the video grabbing, fondling, stroking, and fucking her both in the past and present.

She lost sense of time as her body writhed. She only came to after hearing her Doctor say, “Stop.”

Her body collapsed, still so oversensitized that it felt like every nerve was a live wire. “Look at me.”

She turned and saw Him smiling down at her. It was only then that she felt his hard cock inside her. How long had he been fucking her? she wondered.

He seemed to understand her silent question because he whispered, “I’m going to fuck you now, and if you’re a good Doll and stay silent, I’ll let you cum with me. Clench that tight pussy for me if you understand the rules.”

She did so even before he finished speaking and bit her lip to contain her instinctive moan when he thrust deeper into her. She was unprepared when he bit her shoulder, and she threw her head back in ecstasy.

“No cumming yet, remember?”

She nodded and he quickened his pace. She felt him begin to swell inside her, and his hand began playing with her clit again. She closed her eyes, hoping he would let her go over the edge with him soon.

“Eyes open, Doll.”

She obeyed.

Three more thrusts, then he said, “Cum for me.”

She felt him explode inside her a moment before saw white.

​The next thing she knew, she was waking up on their couch, wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket.

“Welcome back, Doll.” He kissed her forehead. “You’ve pleased me greatly today.”

She closed her eyes and smiled as his praise filled her with a deep satisfaction. She had fulfilled her only purpose, and that was all that mattered.

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