My Training Continues

For the past 2 weekends, the Dom I’m seeing (who has inspired all my recent hypnosis stories) surprised me by first coming into the city and then inviting me to visit him for this past weekend. And it was glorious.

When he messaged me with an impromptu invitation to visit, I actually squealed out loud. I clearly let my little side out, then promptly had to stuff it away as I made my travel arrangements. And then I was counting down the 72 hours until I could be in his arms—and his bed—again. And once I arrived there (with a few mishaps), I floated up to Cloud 9 and didn’t come back down until we said goodbye. So, what did we do? We went to Boston Pride (the parade and festival). I wore a rainbow net leotard with nude panties and BandAids in an X over my nipples (it would have been much better had I had these to wear). And he tranced me left and right, making me into his perfect doll at one point, and driving me crazy with pleasure on multiple occasions. But my two biggest highlights were:

  1. when he gave me yet another first: my first experience of being eaten out. Now, the second-to-last time I had reunited with him, he tasted my whole body except there. But even then, I knew that his tongue was the thing of dreams. I had dreamed about it many times before, and the reality was much better than what I had every dreamed.
  2. and when he used a set of my OBGYN-recommended dilators to stretch me, and prepare me for him and my purpose as his doll to be filled at his whim. Not only was being used by him this way extremely hot, but I was able to take all but the largest of them inside me completely. And… when we had tried to have sex for the second time ever (before using them), I was already able to take more of him than last time.

And that was the best part of all. Moving one step closer to becoming the perfect, obedient, and useful submissive for him is equally arousing and fulfilling. And what can be better than that?

4 thoughts on “My Training Continues

  1. This sounds both erotic and fun, especially the stretching – It’s clear to see how your Dom inspired your recent story.

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