A Virtual Hypnotic Experience

This post was written for Joseph Crown’s blog:

If you’ve read any of my past Masturbation Monday posts, it’s no secret that I have an erotic hypnosis kink.

My Daddy has a very good friend who is also a Hypno Dom and, with Daddy’s permission, Joseph Crown sent me a long message on Fetlife that put me under…deeply. It almost immediately made my mind go hazy (Daddy is always teasing me about how I’m super suggestible) and struggle to follow the individual words as my body simultaneously relaxed and became aroused.

What I do remember from it was a lot of talk about resisting… or not… and somehow both are obeying. My mind melted to the point that I just knew I was obeying. Because that’s all that mattered and it brought me pleasure.

If you’ve never been hypnotized, this probably sounds crazy and incoherent, but if you have been, you know exactly what I mean. Granted, not all hypnotic suggestions include a “forget” command, but I think I personally do automatically (at least to some extent) because my conscious mind is so dominant (until its put to sleep, that is).

But after this most recent experience, I know one thing for certain: I don’t want to resist.

I had planned on writing about another thing that happened today, but that will he saved for next week!

I’m judging this week, so stay tuned!

Update: Master Crown has written a “response” of sorts on his own blog about sharing a hypnotic subject (something he rarely does—aren’t I special?!)

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