A Special Movie Snack

I promised to write about this last week, and here it is!

When your Daddy takes you to the movies with recliner leather chairs with a movable divider, there are a lot of possibilities.

When the theater is filled with families…a lot of things are taken off the table.

But not everything. Especially when your Daddy is a Hypno Dom.

Now, he forbade me from touching beyond cuddling, but he was open to grab my butt all he wanted (can’t complain about this one-sided permission). And he didn’t want to put me under for the whole time like he normally does because I’d lose all subtlety in the theater if he did.

No, he did something else.

He’d been talking for months about taking me to a movie theater and spiking my treat with a certain natural flavor. And he finally did it, but hypnotized me to not realize he’d actually done it while tasting nothing but it and becoming addicted once he’d actually added it. I say “actually added” because he’s able to make me taste things just through hypnosis.

It wasn’t until he woke me up (after eating the rest of my entire treat: a small container of Dibs ice cream), that I realized what he’d done. And then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s been more than a week since it happened, and I still can’t think of much else.

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