My First Painful Punishment

As you can tell from the title, I got in trouble. And my punishment was 2 weeks ago, but it’s still seared into my mind.

I’m not going to say the specifics of what got me in trouble, but the bottom line was I disobeyed a direct order.

And Daddy promised me “the longest punishment ever.” While that didn’t turn out to be true, it was the most painful punishment I’ve ever received. 21 hard spanks: one for each year I’ve been alive. And it hurt. For 2 days afterward, even though I went home from visiting him the next day.

Let me just say: sitting on a 4.5-hour train ride with a burning bottom isn’t fun. Even for someone who loves to receive (non-punishment) spankings from her Daddy.

But even though he made me hurt, I thanked him for the punishment like a good girl. I needed the correction and he was responsible and good enough to dole it out. And him expressing his dominance over me was hot. Just not hot enough for me to overlook how bad my punishment was.

My lesson? Never disobey a direct order again. And while I thought nothing could ever beat my no-touch punishment for staying up too late (it still sucks, don’t get me wrong), this definitely dethroned it on my least favorite thing list.

2 thoughts on “My First Painful Punishment

  1. OMG, I am so sorry! Understanding that you deserve the punishment is one thing, but getting it STILL sucks. I avoid them at all costs, and I’ve found that it only takes one or two “reminders” for me to do stay on the right side of things.

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