Housewarming Party

I’m BAAAACK! School has consumed most of my time, and the rest of it has been devoted to my Daddy. But a new story is finally here. I hope you enjoy. I also need to thank Daddy for the idea.

The last month had been a whirlwind. Her Doctor had been staying at her home much more often as he moved into a new, large apartment where he would both live and have his office for his clients. But she had noticed that he never seemed to see clients anymore.

All the same, he would bring her to his new place every day and have her watch as the familiar furniture from his office, and some of her own, were carried in. The movers had originally been shocked at her nudity and averted their eyes. That stopped once her Doctor told them to look their fill, and to touch her all they wanted as long as they didn’t penetrate her. It wasn’t long before their greedy hands descended, groping her everywhere with urgency, as if they were afraid her Doctor would change his mind.

But it was when the final piece, his bed, was delivered, that he tied her spread-eagled and face-down on a large towel underneath her. When she couldn’t move, he told her he’d sold her apartment. He lightly stroked her spine. She moaned at the contact, then gasped as his hand came down hard on her ass. He repeated the move until each side had been spanked 10 times each. Then he was massaging where he’d hit her.

His hand slid between her thighs and he thrust two fingers inside her. She was already soaked. “You took that so well, Doll.” He moved his fingers slowly in and out, then he removed his hand and landed one last swat on her pussy.

The doorbell rang. “Now,” he whispered, “it’s time for you to go under.”

She came to her senses as someone was fucking her. She couldn’t see who it was, but as her Doctor was sitting in a chair within her vision, she knew he was sharing her with one of his friends.

He met her gaze and smiled.

Would she remember any of this? she wondered. She felt the mystery man cum in her, thrusting hard into her one last time. As he filled her, she felt her mind starting to float away.

She felt him move away then new hands grab her hips. This man climbed onto the bed with her, spread her cheeks, and thrust into her ass before spreading out over her. He was so large, she couldn’t focus on anything besides how full she felt. When he finally filled her, she was a soaking mess.

It wasn’t until her third almost-orgasm that she realized her Doctor must have taken away her ability to cum—making her a living sex doll.

Twenty men in total groped her, filled her, and came in or on her. At the start, she had been writhing as much as permitted by the ropes. By the end, she merely lay on her Doctor’s bed.

She heard him talking to his friends in the foyer, then the door close. He quickly untied her and he pulled her toward him and lay her head on his lap, staring up at him. He tapped her forehead and she suddenly came, expelling most of the cum that had been deposited in her. He lifted her into his arms, placed her in a warm bath she hadn’t heard him prepare, and watched him place the towel in the laundry.

Then he stripped and joined her in the tub, moving her forward and settling her between his legs again. He grabbed the wash cloth and began cleaning her, adding more pressure than usual as he cleaned her breasts, swiped over her nipples, skated down her torso and reaching her pussy where he began rubbing her clit. When she arched her back, he reached around and grabbed her neck, pulling her back against him. He blew in her ear, making her shiver as he kept rubbing.

“Please…” she begged.

“Not yet.” He moved her so she was bent over and grabbing the edge of the tub. He went up on his knees behind her and thrust into her pussy. He fucked her faster than any of the men had before and filled her, making her moan more than she had with any of the others. It was always like that for her. Anything her Doctor did affected her at a whole new level.

“Doctor…” she begged again.

“With me,” he growled. She felt him swell inside her then gasped as he moved her hair and bit the back of her neck hard. “Now.”

She clamped down on him and milked him. When her muscles gave out, he pulled out and kissed her temple. He took her out of the bath, drained it, and wiped her down with the towel. He lay her on the bed and kissed her all over, giving her praise between each kiss, until she was on edge again.

“Such a good Doll,” he murmured. “You get another orgasm for that.” He tapped her stomach and she felt another wave of pleasure wash over her, obliterating any thought that lingered in her mind.

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    1. I totally get that. It kind of scares me, too, and it obviously requires a great deal of trust in the hypnotist. This series obviously is kind of non-consensual (since he just puts her under and conditions her without her saying okay), but in my real life, my Dom tells me what he’ll be doing (in the far off future), then asks me if I’m okay with those plans the closer we get to them (and right before and during). It’s kind of great, given it lets me shut off my anxiety for a while.

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