Resort Getaway

This is my 100th post on this blog! And I just returned from a week in Florida, so the beach and ocean were on my mind.

She hadn’t been to the beach in a year. She tried to convince herself it had nothing to do with her last experience, but truth be told, it had left her shaken to her core.

But here she was on an all-paid-for vacation to a fancy beach resort. She had received a letter and ticket in the mail saying she had been picked from a random pool of customers for her favorite swimsuit company. As a silent thank you to them, she had packed the now-infamous red bikini.

I might not be wearing a red bikini, but…

She had entered her cabana and found both her suitcase waiting for her and a voucher for a deep-tissue massage on her pillow.

Even though she was lying facedown, being completely naked on the table made her embarrassed. She heard the door open and felt the towel covering her disappear.

Before she could let her mind get too focused on who was touching her, strong, steady fingers began kneading the muscles at her neck.

She lost track of time as the fingers worked over her body, moving from her neck to her shoulders, arms, back, and legs. When they reached her sex, she tensed. As if anticipating the movement, the hands added more pressure and spread her legs even further. Then a finger slid between her folds and began rubbing her clit.

She couldn’t control the moan that escaped her lips.

She heard a male chuckle and it only made her wetter.

“I’m glad to see your body still remembers me.”

She immediately flipped over and saw her lifeguard smirking down at her.

“You never came back,” he lightly admonished, thrusting his finger deep inside her, making her hips rise to meet him.


“I was greatly disappointed.” She noticed a gleam in his dark eyes. “But I’m glad you accepted my gift. I’ve been dying to be inside you again. Let’s remedy that now, shall we?”

Before she could respond, he climbed onto the table with her, straddling her, and then he was sliding inside her.

Unlike when he had fucked her with his tentacles, his human form was angular and each powerful thrust made her feel as though he was splitting her in half. This time was much more about him claiming her than seducing her. They both knew she was already his for the taking.

She felt him cum and quickly followed suit. He climbed off her and wiped her down with a towel before discarding it in the bin. He helped her into her bikini and guided her out to the jacuzzi with a hand at the small of her back. “We’ll see about moving your things to my cabana,” he said. “I’m glad to have you in my life again, and I’m not ready to let you go just quite yet.”

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    1. Ha! I guess I did. I didn’t know if I should tag it with “tentacles” like I did for the last one because I didn’t want to disappoint people.

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