The Interview

Zoe stared at the man across the desk, unsure if she had suddenly gone insane. “Excuse me?” she asked.

He cast a discerning glance at her. “I do hope that I haven’t made a mistake in hiring you.”

“But you are hiring me?”

“I’m sorry. Did you not want the job? If so, I must say, wasting the time of an executive is highly unprofessional—”

“No!” She softened her tone, embarrassed. “I do want the job. I’m just surprised. I’m so much younger than the other interviewees.” She’d seen the other women waiting in the room, each of them coming into this very office and eventually walking out. She was fresh out of college with minimal experience. Her mother, while encouraging, had made it no secret that she also thought it was insane to apply for her dream job right out of the gate.

He stood. “I’m going to give you a tour of the office and review your responsibilities. You will start tomorrow at 7 tomorrow. Understood?”

She nodded.

She followed him through the reception area, the offices of the other executives, and the break room. When the reached the latter, her mouth dropped open. Inside, there were four men with their cocks out. three were fucking a naked girl while the fourth watched and jerked himself off.

She started to turn around, but her new employer held her still, making her watch the scene in front of her. “This is your job until you prove yourself. A promotion only comes when it’s clear to everyone that you prioritize the company above all else. I’ll let you get acquainted with them later, but for now…” he sat down in one of the empty chairs, unzipped his pants, and pushed her to her knees. “You can start on your first assignment.”

Update: this story was included in the Top 3 Roundup for Week 228! Thank you Marie!

My attention was immediately captured when I started reading it and my mind settled in for a longer read, expecting some twists and turns ahead. The twist was totally unexpected, not only in the fact that this was a flash fiction piece, but also what actually happened. When something leaves me wanting to read on, you know it’s good and this is!

10 thoughts on “The Interview

    1. I seem to have surprised everyone with this story! And I didn’t even try. I’ll very likely be continuing this story. I just need inspiration first, so I might write some others before I return to it.

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