When Kink Takes a Back Seat

Unfortunately, this is not a sexy story:

If you read my last post, you know that I had an incredible start to a week with my Daddy at his home.

It may sound dramatic to say it went downhill from there, but it would be true. In a sense.

The next day, we found out he was sick (with a fever). And he wouldn’t let me near him for the remainder of the week.

Which made me very sad and helpless because he wouldn’t even let me take care of him.

All the same, I loved just hanging out with him on his L-couch, our feet touching.

With school now back in session, physical and sexual kink is taking an even further backseat. We both knew this was coming.

We do have a date on the books to reunite, but for now, we’re the poster couple for LTR (he’s also currently super busy at work) and I’m trying to not let my disappointment override the bright spots of when we do have time for the other.

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