Thinking Pink

When I received this toy in exchange for a review, I was over the moon with excitement. And then I was bummed because I couldn’t sneak down to my dorm to use this because I was technically still on break and therefore committed to more family time.

Then, when school finally rolled around, I was a little too caught up in my new schedule (read also: too lazy to buy batteries) to properly test this baby out.

This past Sunday, however, that changed. I was messaging Daddy when he had to go handle something. I had gotten so wet from our earlier conversation (quite honestly, I don’t even remember what we talked about—I just know it got me wet), that I figured that it was the perfect time to try it out. And I did (sans battery). Even without the vibrations, it was amazing. I did play with the vibrations in my hand and it made me excited.

Then, yesterday, I tried it out again (with battery). And… wow. As my first insertable vibrating toy, this kind of blew my mind. It fills me up while also stimulating my clit and long story short: I am a huge fan of it.

Longer version:

I remembered the first time Daddy used a set of medical dilators on me (recommended by my gynecologist for my upcoming pap smear—so, I was actually doing “homework”) and how he was so encouraging (lots of “good girl”s were said among other things that got me incredibly wet), and that made it easy for the Double Dancer to slip in. Then, the vibrations just reminded me of when Daddy uses his tongue on me… and then it didn’t take long for an orgasm to come. I certainly did.

It’s small, easy to hide (thank God—the one downside to having a roommate), and easy to clean. And while I love my app-controlled Vibease (which also works LDR), this might become a new favorite.

You can easily get the same CalExotics Double Dancer, or you can get it in purple. While you’re at it, be sure to use the Valentine’s Day code: JNJLOVE (valid through February 15) for a 20% discount.

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