“Helena, come here.”

She immediately obeyed her Master. He rarely used her name anymore and when he did, she knew it was serious.

He held up her school planner and her stomach dropped.

“Why do I see a paper due for you in four days and yet you haven’t worked on it at all?”

“… Because I forgot, Master.”

He tsk-ed. “Why is that? Have I ever given you permission to slack in your other classes? Until the semester ends, I expect you to perform as well as you ever have in school.” He held her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “Then, you’re mine day in and day out, Pet. But until that time comes, I need you on your best behavior. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Strip, Pet. You need to be punished.”

Helena swallowed her anxiety. Master was right and he was never malicious in his punishments. And they were always warrented.

She crawled into their bedroom and bent over the edge of the bed.

He sat next to her, dragged her over his lap, steadied her with one hand on her hip, and landed a slap to her bottom with his favorite leather paddle. Then he did it again. And again. For a total of twenty slaps. Heat radiated from the impact site and she found herself growing wet despite it being a punishment.

Master rubbed her skin until the sting went away. Then his fingers travelled south and swiped through her swollen folds, coming away soaked. He brought them to her lips and she immediately sucked and cleaned them. His grip on her hip tightened.

“Wet from a punishment, Pet? What should I do about that?”

“Use me?”

He spanked her twice more.

“Use me, please, Master?” she corrected.

“Present yourself on the bed, Pet.”

She scrambled onto the duvet on her hands and knees, and arched her back to display herself.

He pressed her forward until only her ass was in the air, plunged inside, pulled out, and did it again. One of his hands came around and began playing with her clit.

It didn’t take long for her to get close to the edge, then he stilled his fingers and her true punishment dawned on her.

But he didn’t stop fucking her until he had denied her three more times and she was sobbing for relief. “Please, Master. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

He smoothed his other hand through her hair. “I know it won’t, Pet, because you won’t forget this important lesson, will you?”

“No, Master,” she said, her voice muffled by the duvet.

“I didn’t think so.”

He pulled out and she whined at the loss. He flipped her over, spanked her clit, then resumed fucking her. It wasn’t before he began slamming into her, a sure sign that he was getting close. She felt him swell a moment before she felt his cum start filling her to the point that it leaked out and onto the bed.

“You’ve taken your punishment well, Pet. Now, go get cleaned up and start your paper. You’re going to work next to me at my desk so I can keep an eye on you.” He got up and walked to their dresser. He removed a set of panties and lay them next to her. “I’ll let you wear these so you can focus.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He spanked her clit once more. “Get to it, Pet.”

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