On Privacy

I’ve been debating on sharing this for a while. It’s an ongoing issue for me because it’s something I doubt the other party will let me have closure anytime soon. I’m working on dealing with that aspect with my kink-neutral (I wouldn’t say she’s kinky herself) therapist. Unfortunately, I highly doubt she’s listed on the NCSFreedom database for kink-positive professionals.

Anyway, why am I sharing it now? Because of the latest episode of the LovingBDSM podcast (it’s also a recorded livestream) where John and Kayla talked about family drama of a vanilla condemning the kink community.

I can hear you thinking “Get to the point!”

Simply put: I had to out myself to my mom because she’s nosy, and worse, emotionally manipulative, whenever I try to have boundaries with her. It’s partly my fault because growing up, there was nothing I needed or tried to hide from her, so she’s not used to it.

And she’s constantly trying to make me admit that I won’t need BDSM my whole life once I get over my PTSD which makes me need to know that people value consent and won’t violate it.

Her argument against the kink community is that there are predators and I never hesitate to throw back at her that the majority of news stories (and my own trauma) are of vanilla predators and assaulters.

I know this is short, and not a sexy story, but I wanted to share it in solidarity with my favorite kink podcast.

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