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Housewarming Party

I’m BAAAACK! School has consumed most of my time, and the rest of it has been devoted to my Daddy. But a new story is finally here. I hope you enjoy. I also need to thank Daddy for the idea. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The last month had been a whirlwind. Her Doctor […]

An Illusory Picnic

Part 1 Part 2 “I want you to close your eyes for a moment, Doll, and when I snap my fingers, your body will mirror every stimulus you see in the video I am about to show you. Understand?” ​She found herself nodding even though his words made no real sense to her. They hadn’t […]

Into the Den of Vipers

Part 1 “We’re almost there, Doll.” She had been hovering on the edge of her orgasm for the past five blocks. Though he walked behind her, he had his fingers fit snugly inside her, stoking the fire ever since he had dressed her at his home. She no longer saw him in his office, but […]

A Night on the Town

The following is a real ​story (for a change): He surprised me at our meet-up spot, and we spent some time walking around Times Square and taking the subway to different stores to find me my first stuffie (which he was generous enough to get for me). And while at first, he only held my hand, and […]

The Doctor Is In

“Miss Myers.” Skylar turned her head to look at Dr. Joseph, who was sitting in his leather armchair near her feet as she lay on the couch. “You’ve been my patient for a few months, but I would like to recommend a new form of treatment for you. I believe it will help you quiet […]

Master’s Pet

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Helena knelt at her Master’s feet as he wrote this semester’s curriculum. She wasn’t in his class this time, even though she had wanted to reconfigure her schedule to fit it in. He closed his laptop and tilted her chin up to meet him. “I will miss […]

Caught by Him

The following story was requested by one of my Tumblr followers. It is inspired by a true experience, but is completely fictional: Nicole was excited. Her uncle who had been travelling Europe for the past year was finally back in the States and was coming over for dinner. She’d followed his travels on social media […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Helena knelt before her Master as he used her mouth. After the semester ended, he’d told her to stay with him and to tell her parents that her advisor had hired her as a paid intern for his book. It was news that thrilled her mother, but her father […]

Sitting on Santa’s Lap

Part 1 Part 2 Rose remembered visiting Santa at the mall every year since she was five years old. Photos proved that she’d been doing it her first four years of life, too, but she didn’t personally recall those times. And it was probably for the best because she never liked sitting on a strange […]

Winter Family Fun

Part 1 Rose was sweating. Which was unexpected given it was winter. But as she and her brother finished bringing her boxes down to the car, she was ready to collapse. Luckily, the long car ride was going to let her nap and catch up on the three weeks of non-stop homework leading up to […]

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