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Office Hours

Part 1 Part 2 Helena sat beside her professor, waiting for him to acknowledge her. He had emailed the class the day before saying he was going away on a conference this week and that the three teaching assistants would be doing additional office hours for the students’ studying questions right before she received a […]

Second Dessert

Part 1 Abigail was about ready to explode by the end of dinner. Her Master had taken her to the fancy new European-style restaurant that had communal seating, meaning he had been playing with her non-stop since the time they sat down to when he paid the check and escorted her into the car service […]

Eat Dessert First

I’ve been meaning to return to this blog ever since my last post here. Life got crazy and my only outlet for my kinkiness has been through my Tumblr. But since I learned that I made it as #88 on the Molly’s Daily Kiss’ Top Sex Blogger List of 2017, and John Brownstone¬†of (LovingBDSM) requested […]

Second Detention

Part 1 Helena was on Tumblr again, and growing wetter by the minute. She knew her professor had forbidden it, but she couldn’t resist given she had already been horny the moment she woke up. And as her last class of the day, her attention wasn’t fully there. When class ended, a male classmate turned […]

All in the Family

Rose was ecstatic to be in New Orleans for her 21st birthday. Nothing like hitting Bourbon Street for your first legal drinking night. As her brother drove, searching for a place to park, her two cousins in the backseat were reminding her of the rules. “Drink water in between drinks.” “Don’t forget to eat.” “Don’t […]

Class Is In Session

School didn’t start for another day, but Helena found herself waiting outside her advisor’s office on Labor Day. She wore her usual outfit of a plaid, pleated skirt and white blouse. Now, she wondered if she should have dressed more conservatively. She had always had a small crush on her advisor, and it seemed to […]

The Lifeguard

She has always had a love-hate relationship with summer. The season meant freedom from work, but the weather often was too hot to enjoy. When it was really hot and she was too stir crazy to stay inside with the air conditioner, she’d go to the beach. Today was one of those days. She wore […]

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