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A Night on the Town

The following is a real ​story (for a change): He surprised me at our meet-up spot, and we spent some time walking around Times Square and taking the subway to different stores to find me my first stuffie (which he was generous enough to get for me). And while at first, he only held my hand, and […]


7/29/17 I’m someone who is very thorough when it comes to research. It’s my Type A personality. I did spend 5 years researching and stewing before I got my first tattoo. And another 2 before my second one. With BDSM, I “jumped in” faster (I joined sites the same year I “discovered” BDSM), but I […]

30 Days of D/s: Day 1

I found these questions online on one of my favorite BDSM podcast (half-run by John Brownstone, aka the “Southern Sir” who wrote the 30 Days of submission questions), and figured I’d do these, too, since the first 30-day challenge worked so well for me. These questions are also much longer than the others, so buckle […]

30 Days of submission: Day 26

What are the qualities you seek in a dominant partner and why? Are some qualities deal-breakers as in “must” haves or “must not” have?Southern Sir’s Place I want him to be confident, open to learning, stern and gentle when the time calls for either, caring, trustworthy, sexy, commanding, and loving. Above all, I need to […]

The Loving Dominant by John and Libby Warren

The Loving DominantJohn and Libby WarrenGreenery PressSeptember 11, 2013Kindle292Amazon☆☆☆☆☆Previous editions of The Loving Dominant taught more than 40,000 people the fundamentals of safe, affectionate dominance and submission. Now John and Libby Warren, two of the scene’s most respected educators, have updated this seminal work for a new generation of practitioners. Includes an all-new chapter on […]