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Caught by Him

The following story was requested by one of my Tumblr followers. It is inspired by a true experience, but is completely fictional: Nicole was excited. Her uncle who had been travelling Europe for the past year was finally back in the States and was coming over for dinner. She’d followed his travels on social media […]

Sitting on Santa’s Lap

Part 1 Part 2 Rose remembered visiting Santa at the mall every year since she was five years old. Photos proved that she’d been doing it her first four years of life, too, but she didn’t personally recall those times. And it was probably for the best because she never liked sitting on a strange […]

Winter Family Fun

Part 1 Rose was sweating. Which was unexpected given it was winter. But as she and her brother finished bringing her boxes down to the car, she was ready to collapse. Luckily, the long car ride was going to let her nap and catch up on the three weeks of non-stop homework leading up to […]

All in the Family

Rose was ecstatic to be in New Orleans for her 21st birthday. Nothing like hitting Bourbon Street for your first legal drinking night. As her brother drove, searching for a place to park, her two cousins in the backseat were reminding her of the rules. “Drink water in between drinks.” “Don’t forget to eat.” “Don’t […]