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30 Days of D/s: Day 26

Figuring out your tasks and rituals: Much like rules and other negotiated parts of your D/s relationship, you may want to incorporate tasks and rituals. Rules dictate behavior: behave this way, don’t do that, always do this. Tasks and rituals are often things you do for your partner or as a way to bring yourself […]

30 Days of D/s: Day 4

Negotiation is a fancy word for talking about your D/s relationship: People read the word “negotiation” and imagine some sort of back and forth thing around a table in a formal way. It can be that, sure, but mostly it’s just the conversation you have to figure out what kind of D/s relationship you want […]

30 Days of D/s: Day 2

What does submission mean to you? Does a submissive have certain behaviors? Do submissives do specific tasks? When you think of a submissive and submission, what thoughts come to mind?Loving BDSM Absolutely. The “certain behaviors” and “specific tasks” obviously depend on the submissive and Dominant’s relationship in question. When I think of a submissive and […]

Tasks for Submissives

I’ve been reading a lot about tasks for submissives, and I honestly can’t wait to do a lot of them. I’ll also highly recommend the Loving BDSM podcast on the topic (and just in general—I binged 16 episodes today). Submissives: What are your favorite tasks to do? Dominants: What are your favorite tasks to give? […]